Updated 24 August 2021

Mystery Lido spotted in the Bay to Birdwood in South Australia. If you own this car please make contact.

This year Car SOS will be restoring a Bertone X1/9 Grand Final. Not much has been revealed as yet but there are shots of it in the video promotion.

Overall the show was very positive towards the X1/9. There were a few strange things like they took the roof off and then put it inside the shop rather than demonstrate it could go into the front boot. There was also the odd error in some of the information they gave can you pick it? I feel they created work to do and was a shame to remove the original parts on such an original car. Overall the show was a great watch, and they did a nice job.

Wheeler Dealers has aired season 23 episode 1 on Motortrendondemand.com and featured a 1974 X1/9. The photos below are from Craig's list where it shows the car outside the Wheeler Dealers workshop for sale for $9000.00 The work listed as done was a Tune-Up, Timing Belt, Brakes, Windshield Frame Repaired, Carburettor, Rebuild Cooling System Shocks and Struts.

Almost all X1/9's in Australia have been logged and recorded.  So there is plenty of information and history on cars for sale. If you see an X1/9 for sale on Gumtree or Carsales and it’s not listed here as well, there is probably a good reason why.

To display on this website we ask all sellers to provide a picture of the VIN/Chassis & compliance plate. We then check it against our extensive database of stolen and damaged cars.

The Grand Tour S03E07 "Well Aged Scotch) feature on early 2019. The trio head to Inverness, Scotland, with a selection of inexpensive rare Italian Classics - Clarkson infatuated by his Alfa Romeo GTV6, May over the moon with his Lancia Gamma 2500 Coupe and Hammond in are of his Fiat X1/9.

We also clear it with a government Personal Property Securities Register. This is a free service, see you online. 

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