Updated 18 October 2019


Buy a X1/9 Australia keyring for $4.00 each plus shipping Australia wide for $3.00.

If you ever lose your keys they will make contact and returns them via this website.

Who is the best insurance company to be with?

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Want to buy or sell an X1/9

Almost all X1/9's in Australia have been logged and recorded.  So there is plenty of information and history on cars for sale. If you see an X1/9 for sale on Gumtree or Carsales and it’s not listed here as well, there is probably a good reason why.

To display on this website we ask all sellers to provide a picture of the VIN/Chassis & compliance plate. We then check it against our extensive database of stolen and damaged cars. We also clear it with a government Personal Property Securities Register. 

This is a free service, see you online. 

For more information contact us on Facebook.

If you “don’t do Facebook” then thats your decision and loss.

Take a look at Series 3 Episode 7 of the Grand Tour. The X1/9 features Richard Hammond driving one across Scotland. Video preview below.