Updated 17th–August-17

Drive -Gosford Car Museum  

Sunday 20 October 2016

About this website.


G’day and welcome to the X1/9 Australia website.


The Information on this site is crowd sourced by many Australian X1/9 owners and mechanics nation wide via Facebook discussions or emails.


This website will only improve with your help and input so if you have new information or would like to correct information please do as your contribution makes this site what it is and what it can be.


Why not start by registering your X1/9 and joining up to the Facebook.

The ‘X-Factor Award’ is for the owner of an X1/9 who shows passion and perseverance.  


Congratulations to Glenn Smith who has won this years X-Factor. He shows passion and always lending a hand to X1/9’s in need.




Stickers sold out. Will get some more made soon. If you want one click here and let me know.