Updated 22 February 2021

In mid January 2015 I purchased a 1978 orange X1/9 for sale in Hobart. I bought this car off the original owner who bought it new in 1978. This car is a one owner unrestored original car with 56,000 km on the clock. I have owned ten x1/9’s since my first in 1990 and this is by far the most original X1/9 I have ever seen, it almost has the new car smell still. I put it into storage for a few months in Hobart till I would have the opportunity to drive it back this May.

The drive ended up 2352 km (191 liters of fuel) over 11 days over three states as i took the long way home back to Sydney. By far the most picturesque and stunningly beautiful state was Tasmania, with its amazing twisty roads are beautiful landscape these roads would build for X1/9’s. I recommend traversing Tasmania as their roads and speed limits make it the perfect road trip location especially for an X1/9.

My journey started on 3 May, which happened to coincide with the press release date of the X1/9 in 1978 as in Alan Steele's flyer. I met up with fellow owners in Hobart and Devonport for the first X19 and coffee catch up. Over the next week we continue to drive north up the east coast to the top of Tasmania staying in some of the most incredible locations and places with equally stunning scenery along the way.

We continued our journey across Bass Strait on the spirit of Tasmania ship to Melbourne where we would meet up with more X1/9 owners for Melbourne's X1/9s and coffee catch up. From Melbourne we continued via the coastal roads on the A1 once again taking and any B road we could find to prolong this journey.

The car did not miss a beat I felt as if I drove it off the showroom floor. The only part that failed was a head light bulb. When I took it out I realised this was the original 1978 bulb still. I replaced it but i have located some old stock to bring it back to original as i could not bring my self to change anything on this car.

I felt this car deserved the best number plate. I was lucky to find that X19 was available and so now sits proudly on the car.

My plans are to drive it as little as possible to keep the KM low and to preserve this small bit of history.


Mark Weinberger


Below are links or places we stayed as featured on the video.