Updated 22 February 2021

Many of you would be unfamiliar with this X1/9, that's because it's a one of a kind. In 1974 Fiat sent an X1/9 shell with no chassis number to Abarth to develop a road-going X1/9 GT. This X1/9 was built as a prototype street Abarth, and should not be confused with the rally Prototipo version. 

There are homologation papers for the Abarth X1/9 Stradale. However just for the one car as Abarth never obtained funds to go ahead and build the required 500 units. Sadly this did not happen as Lancia management had influenced Fiat not to develop the Stradale but instead focus on the Lancia Stratos.  

The Stradale has a five-speed close ratio gearbox with a limited slip diff, and a proper Abarth build tag attached to it. The car has its original exhaust system as shown in homologation papers. The Stradale built from one of the five body shells Abarth received from Fiat when they set out to make the road car and the four Prototipo rally cars.

Colucci had designed the car for Abarth, built with a 2000CC engine fitted with an 8-valve head. They did test it with a 16-valve head as well.

Alfred lived and breathed Abarth and jumped at the opportunity to buy the Stradale.

Sadly, that was the end of the project, and wasn’t developed further. The Stradale was left in storage with Abarth for a few years then Mario Colucci helped Alfred Cosentino to purchase it in mid-1980. 

Alfred Cosentino lived in America and would have to be one of Abarths' most enthusiastic followers.

The X1/9 Stradale sat for few more year's in Australia untouched in storage until late last year. It has now gone through an extensive restoration which will see the Stradale back to its original colour and engine and will stay located in Australia. This X1/9 has a unique Abarth chassis number, which for the moment will remain private due to the owner's request.  It is almost fully restored and is looking magnificent. Viewing this rare X1/9 has been close to impossible till now.

I’m excited to announce that the owner of the Abarth X1/9 Stradale has asked me to exclusively film and photograph the Stradale for a media package to feature in publications such as Autoitalia magazine as well as others around the world.

Be the first to see exclusive pictures of the Abarth X1/9 Stradale on the X1/9 Australia Facebook group.

I was lucky enough to see the original paperwork from Abarth to Alfred. It has details of the car and the sales receipt to him. He flew over and picked up the Stradale in person and had it shipped over to America.

The X1/9 Stradale stayed with Alfred for many years as he developed it and played with it changing engines, and painting it red. As the years went by Alfred’s collection of cars, stock and memorabilia grew. 

His complete collection of cars and parts, all the Abarth factory files and the entire Abarth photo collection was sold to a gentleman in Australia in late 2006.